Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Kimchi Kid and ABCs!

It has a QWERTY keyboard so he is learning the keyboard at the same time!

Thomas loves his Leap Frog Text & Learn.

He also loves to sit in his book tent and read.

When we went to Texas I bought Thomas a new toy, LeapFrog Text & Learn. He has been playing with it on his own in the house, during car rides and such. Then one day we were in the car, sitting at a red light, when Thomas started saying "I,i,i!". Tom said to me that he didn't know what he was talking about so I looked back and realized that he was looking out the window at a store sign next to us. It was the "DIY Mart" and Thomas was pointing out the "I" in "DIY" to us! We were so surprised as we hadn't put any attention or effort into teaching him his ABCs yet. After all he was only 20 months old!
From that day on, Thomas was an ABC learning machine! He was pointing out and saying the ABCs everywhere we went! Daddy has been working hard to help him now, practicing them with stickers on the fridge. Thomas can now identify, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, I, K, Q, S, V, and Z on his own! He can spot them on signs, on books, papers, cars, toys, boxes, anything and everything. We were so surprised and impressed with his knowledge and even more his desire for knowledge. We bought some posters with the ABCs on them and he loves to read them and tell us what he sees!
Beyond his new-found knowledge of ABCs he is starting to speak more and more English. These days he can easily say "I love you", "please", "more", "all done", "night-night", "thank you", "orange juice", "orange", "car key" and several animal names in English. His Korean skills are also advancing, he can tell us when he doesn't want to eat, that he's had a good sleep, when he wants a bath and he has started saying hello and good bye in Korean. He communicates so well that we rarely have trouble understanding what he wants or what is bothering him. I guess one of the most important developments recently he's come up with is "No". He can tell us what he wants more accurately now and it really helps us in our daily life.
The Kimchi Kid is surprising us daily with his new vocabulary and behaviour. He's growing up so fast, sometimes I feel that it is too fast! We went to the orientation for his Kindergarten today. I cried when we were done, I'm not ready for him to start school! In Korea he is already almost 3 years old! They follow the lunar calendar here and the ages are on average 1-2 years older than in Canada. There were several other kids his age at the orientation, but I just think he is still a baby and no where near ready to enter preschool! Unfortunately Tom, Doumi and the Kindergarten teachers all think differently! I am sure Thomas will love it and will thrive in the new active environment. They don't focus on teaching too much in the beginning, they try to help them with basic skills, behaviour, manners and such. He will have snacks twice a day, lunch, play time, story time, song time, gym time, nap time and more. I worked at his school for the past year and really love the system and his teacher. She is a sweetheart and loves him already since we've been taking him for visits and special days through the past year.
Hopefully I'll update more often in the future, especially once he starts school. I know we will most likely have lots of new and fun stories to share!
Much love from Mommy Cha and the Kimchi Kid.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Today Is Our 3 Year Wedding Anniversary!

Flowers for our anniversary! 3 pink roses, 3 red roses, 3 cream roses, 3 yellow roses and 3 carnations.

One of our first trips together, Muuido Island, Summer 2005.

After climbing up to Namsan Tower, Fall 2005.

My birthday in Busan, we scuba dived with the sharks in the aquarium, September 2005!

Our first Christmas together, we went to Thailand, Christmas 2005.

Summer vacation in Hong Kong, we went to
Disneyland, June 2006!

Cutting the cake at our wedding in Canada, January 6, 2007!

Honeymoon in Bali, February 2007!

Monkey Forest in Bali on our honeymoon, February 2007.

Jimbaran Beach seafood dinner in Bali on our honeymoon, February 2007.

Exploring Seoul one weekend, Spring 2007.

Christmas 2007, 6 months pregnant!

VERY pregnant, enjoying the Cherry Blossoms, April 2008.

Thomas was 100 days old here, August 2008.

Happy 1st Birthday Thomas, May 2009.

Enjoying Traditional Korean food together, Summer 2009.

Today is our 3 year wedding anniversary. We've had a wonderful 3 years married and look forward to many more.

A few weeks back,
Tom saw an old couple in their 80's walking and holding hands. He told me that seeing them so happy still after so many years made him hope that one day we would be that couple, old, tired, but still in love and holding hands as we walked.
Shortly after he told me this, we saw another couple, maybe in their 60's. They were fighting in the street and the husband was chasing his wife. This made Tom say that we'd probably be that couple as well! Hahaha...that is my husband, 100%!
No one can make me laugh like he can, and no one can make me hurt like he can. Tom says no one can make him crazy like i can, and no one can make him happy like I can!
I am so happy and thankful that he is my husband each and every day. I love him more and more with each day and I know he feels the same.
Happy Anniversary Tom!

Monday, January 4, 2010


This is the view of the 4th floor garden and the street behind our apartment.

All this snow fell in just a few hours this morning!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We rarely get snow in Bucheon, and when we do it is usually a miserable dusting that melts within an hour. So imagine our delight when we woke to see everything blanketed with a fine white powder and it was already ankle deep! The Kimchi Kid has a bit of a cold so we left him inside with the doumi and ventured out for a few photos and a small snowball fight! It started snowing even harder while we were outside so we had to concede defeat and retreat indoors. Nevertheless we will try again later today once the snow stops falling! Since the roads are so bad all our classes were canceled(except for my class on the 14th floor of our building!) so we have lots of time to play in the snow and take pictures with the Kimchi Kid!
Hope you get to enjoy a snow day where ever you are!

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Kimchi Kid wishes everyone a Happy 2010!

The Kimchi kid chilling in his play tunnel, waiting for 2010!

The Kimchi Kid and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! We hope 2010 will bless you all with health, happiness and financial freedom! We hope to keep you entertained and updated with many more of our exciting adventures learning, growing, loving and living here in South Korea! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!! (seh heh bok mahn ee bahd euh sae yo)