Monday, December 10, 2012

1.5 YEARS!? Well, Merry Christmas then!'s been 1.5 years since I last blogged. That's unbelievable! Time flies when you have 2 kids, that's for sure!!

So here's a bit of a recap, just the past 6 months or so:

Graham turned 1(2)! Thomas turned 4(5)!

Happy 4(5) birthday Thomas!
Happy 1(2) birthday Graham!

We bought our first home, a 2 floor Villa in a lovely area, 6km from our old area.

Twinkle, twinkle little Christmas tree! Can you see the tree in the top left windows plus the terrace and windows! That's our home!

We had a wonderful summer full of fun.
Corn dogs, cotton candy and a day at the park!

The boys became best playmates and worst playmates at the same time.

Brotherly Love!
These boys crack me up!

We adopted a cat, who we named Lego Ninja Hero Princess Kitty, and we call her Ninja Kitty or Ninja for short. She's a Saint, eternally patient with the boys!
Ninja Kitty looks grumpy but is always loving!

We had a super exciting Halloween! REAL trick or treating, 3 different Halloween parties!
So much Halloween fun!!

Our school was featured in a Korean magazine and I got a new haircut for the occasion including BANGS! I haven't had bangs since high school and I've grown to love it!

Can you see me?? Hint...I'm NOT Korean!

We had our first snowfall in the new neighbourhood and it was so exciting for us to walk around and pull the boys in a sled. Graham wasn't impressed with walking in the snow though.

Thomas injured his thumb in ballet class and will have surgery in January to correct it. He's a trooper though, you'd never know it was injured!
Poor Thomas!! Doctor says it is Trigger Thumb.

Graham started Orff Play Music class with Daddy. He loves it! He's so interested in music, unlike his older brother.
Orff time with Daddy!

Thomas has shown a real improvement in his artistic ability much to my relief!
He's working on it...

I'm heading to Texas with the boys for Christmas in 10 days. Hope to have some more fun stuff to post, especially after being absent so long!
Cheers from the Cha Family!!
Advent Calendar excitment!!
  Bonus Graham cuteness!! He's such a little goofball!
Pretending he has snotty nose to play with toilet paper...