Sunday, August 16, 2009

We're still here!!

It has been a crazy hectic few weeks for us!! So sorry for not updating, and so sorry but I don't have the time to do so now!!
Basically, we are fine, healthy, and busy busy BUSY!!
I started working out with a personal trainer 6 days a week about 2.5 weeks ago, we're gearing up for the big BabyFair at CoEx August 20-23 and we've been working like mad while all the students are on Summer vacation doing intensive classes and extra classes!
Thomas has been busy too, vocabulary is expanding, his behavior has improved since we started trying to follow the Dr. Sears Discipline book, he has just been wonderful!
Right now I'm just stressed about the BabyFair and the big chance we have to get the MobyWrap name out there and make some $ales! After that is done I get to stress and worry about flying to Texas with Thomas all by myself! Yay!!
Hope to see a lot of people at the BabyFair!!!

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