Monday, October 21, 2013

Do people even blog anymore??

Almost another year since I blogged and WOW!, what a year!
The Kimchi Kids now number at 3! Yes, that's right - 3!! Our beautiful baby girl was born September 2nd, 2013. So I can be forgiven for not blogging now, right?
Our beautiful little girl!!

The older Kimchi kids love and adore their baby sister. It's incredibly sweet to hear and see them oohing and aahing over her.

Both boys have been doing new and exciting things of their own. They're in a new, better kindergarten and thriving in all areas! Kimchi Kid #1 is now studying Taekwondo and loving every moment. Kimchi Kid #2 is starting to speak more and trying on exciting phrases like "That's so cool!" or "Mine!!".
Kimchi Kid #1 holding a parrot in the park.
Kimchi Kid #2 helping me cook and eating RAW onions!!

Kimchi Kid #3, my living doll! Hahaha...

Showing off my Reddit Cooking Exchange present!

Stopping to smell the flowers!

My little "angels"! ;)

Kimchi Kid #1 meets Kimchi Kid #3!

Well that's all I have time to share now. I'll see if this blogging thing is still a thing. If it is, I may update more often! Hahaha...xoxo.. Mommy Cha and The Kimchi Kids!!

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