Saturday, July 11, 2009

THE BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!! Plus some bonus good news!

Hasani and Dublin running from the grumpy, sock-handed Grandpa Monster!
This is from my sister Jenni regarding my nephew Hasani who was undergoing testing this past month for Cancer:

I am so happy to know that Hasani is fine!! His femur abnormalities are just an extremely rare stage of growing. Thank you everyone for your positive energy and prayers! And congratulations to my cousin Andrea Cook for her baby news!

So Hasani is going to be just fine, and this special little boy who was born at 30weeks is even more special than we previously realized! Hahaha..

The bonus good news is that my Cousin Andrea Cook is PREGNANT! Wow!
Since everyone I know seems to be having girls lately, I am rooting for a girl for her! We need more in the family, my sisters and I all had boys! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

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  1. Hi Mommy Cha!
    I'm glad to hear your nephew is fine. I bawled my eyes out when I read your post about when you found out he might have had cancer. It's really wonderful news that he is fine.

    Yay for your cousin being pregnant too!