Friday, November 20, 2009

Time for #2?

The day Thomas came home from the hospital.

He's growing up so fast! 18 months old now!

These days we've been talking a lot about having a second child. We tend to favour the idea but it only takes a few hours of crabby, high-energy, Kimchi Kid time to change our minds again! Yet for all it can be hard at times, we feel he would benefit from a sibling. He is a social little boy like his daddy and he loves to play with others. He has so much energy as well that having a sibling close in age would probably provide a good outlet for that energy. Basically, we have decided on having a second child and are just waiting for ourselves to accept that fact! Hahaha...
Part of the delay is my weight, we really don't want to conceive again until I have shifted the pregnancy weight that is still clinging stubbornly to my hips and tummy. I've made good progress thanks to my personal trainer, but having a husband addicted to late night fried chicken makes it hard!
I've started taking my pre-natal multivitamins, we've notified the kindergartens that I hope to be pregnant next March and we've discussed things with our doumi. The Kimchi Kid will be starting preschool in March so she won't have as much to do until #2 arrives, but to our delight she said she wouldn't dream of leaving us! That was a big relief, she has been such a huge help with Thomas she is like family now. I can't imagine #2 without her!
So now, my question for everyone out there: Any tips on having a girl??
Haha..I know several family members and grandmothers are hoping for a girl as am I. I like to believe a girl will be quieter, more peaceful, enjoy playing with dolls and stuffed toys instead of hitting things with sticks and running in circles. As much as I love the Kimchi Kid I do wish he would sometimes sit still!! So please, if you have any tips, leave a comment! We'll keep you posted! ^^


  1. I don't have much advice, as Grace isn't walking around yet, so it's hard to say whether she is 'calmer' than a boy. But she's not big on the stuffed toys. From what I can see so far, she's a bit on the destructive side....She gets obsessed with tearing up pieces of paper into the smallest size possible and gets really angry and frustrated when she can't. She also likes banging things and throwing things. Hmmm....
    I also think Thomas would make a good big brother. Although you're hoping for a girl, I bet he'd like a boy better! ;)

  2. Having 2 is so much easier than having one, honestly, especially when they're close in age. Once the younger is past the lump phase, they tend to entertain each other.

    No tips on having a girl (despite having 3), though they do say you should try to avoid, erm, you know, for 3 days before ovulation, as allegedly the girl swimmers are hardier than the boy ones. It's not guaranteed, of course, given DD3 was 'supposed' to be a boy, if you know what I mean. :-D

  3. It isn't fool-proof, but if you chart, many believe that if you "do the deed" a little farther out from ovulation (maybe 4 or 5 days before), your chances of getting a girl are higher because sperm carrying the X chromosome tend to have more stamina and can last longer while the Y chromosomes are built for speed.

  4. I'll let you know how it worked out for us once we find out the sex of #2. I got pregnant I and ovulated 5 days after we did it so I am sure it is a girl plus so far this pregnancy is completely the opposite from the first. I guess only time will tell!

  5. I'll have to double-check my chart, but I'm pretty sure Dex was a far-out conception event. (haha, I just described my child as an 'event'...I wonder what that's even supposed to mean 0_o) Anyhoo, we are in the same boat, only we're trying to tighten up finances, too. Not sure which is harder: tightening the wallet or the waistline. Meh. I really want a little girl. I want ribbons and dresses and curly piggytails. I know I'm going to wind up with a tomboy.