Thursday, November 26, 2009

Toilet Time!!

He looks so proud of himself!
This was such a big step for Thomas, it deserved a blog posting all of its own!
Thomas pooped on the toilet!!!
We have noticed for a while that the only time he stands still is when he is pooping. So we've started trying to catch him when he does this and put him on the toilet. Usually he will have already pooped and we would dump it in the toilet and then let him flush it. This was followed by a reward of a treat snack.
But then today, he stopped moving, started grunting, and we whisked him to the toilet! We popped him on the seat and Voila! He did it!! YAY!!
We were so proud of him and he seemed pretty proud of himself too! ^.^
Hopefully this will continue and one day soon he'll be toilet-trained!


  1. I haven't caught a poop in a week! I keep missing them. Annoying. I'm really off my game

  2. At what age do you start doing this/potty training? Trying to learn as much as I can :)