Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mommy Cha and the Kimchi Kid have H1N1.

He wanted a pickle for breakfast, but just held it for an hour or so. Strange little boy!
The Kimchi Kid and I have been diagnosed with H1N1. Somehow, possibly due to his freakishly good immune system, Daddy does not have it. Thomas had a fever last Thursday and it came and went until Sunday evening. It was accompanied by a runny nose, slight cough and some cranky behaviour. We didn't think it was anymore than a common cold and waited until Monday to see our doctor since she didn't work on weekends.
When we saw her she said he had tonsilitis and bronchitis, she thought it was also the common cold but the hospital was testing any child with those symptoms for H1N1. We had the test, received a prescription for Tamiflu and went home. That night we got the test results, Thomas had H1N1. We immediately gave him Tamiflu and contacted everyone who had been in contact with him.
The next morning Tom and I went to get tested. I already had acute sinusitis, but it also fit the symptoms of H1N1. Tom meanwhile had no symptoms. During the testing the nurse asked for my card, her boss was looking for an English teacher so we gladly chatted and gave her our contact details. We both felt fine and still do, but we had to be sure for our work.
Tonight we got the results, I have H1N1 and Tom does not. Lucky man NEVER gets sick! We were both prescribed Relenza yesterday and since it acts to prevent as well as treat influenza of all types we both were taking it.
Overall we feel fine, Thomas had symptoms similar to a cold, but with high fever. I am glad we have it now because it has been very mild and hopefully we are building antibodies to protect us in the future.
So here is a video of Thomas on his sickest day. Not so bad is he?


  1. The plague! Well, at least the vaccine debate is over for you since now you will have naturally acquired immunity. I don't think I am going to get the vaccine. The military has priority right now anyway. Hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. My parents and I just watched this video and laughed together. Not bad for being sick, indeed! I might be crankier than that right now with what looks like a sinus infection. Can't breathe! Love from us to you.