Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Kimchi Kid and his never-ending energy!

Ever since Thomas was born, he has had endless energy and determination to sit up, crawl, stand up, walk and finally run, as soon as he could! Thomas began walking right around 9months and hasn't looked back since!
At 13 months he is a strong and steady walker who rarely seems to get tired. In fact, he often prefers to run if he can! As a result he gets VERY cranky if he doesn't get outside for a good walk AT LEAST once a day! This boy LOVES to go outside and walk around. We try to take him out to the local park behind our building, weather permitting, as much as possible. They have lots of paths to walk and some big open fields to run and kick a ball on. If the weather is unpleasant, we take him to HomePlus, the local Supermarket we favor. He is always so happy if we ask him if he wants to go outside! He will climb into his stroller for the walk to the park and put his foot out for us to put his shoes on.
The park has been great for him so far this Summer because he has also been able to indulge in his love of mong-mong's(puppies). He loves to chase after them, pointing with his thumb, and shouting "Mong-mong, mong-mong!". The Koreans LOVE this! Mostly they already rave about how cute he is, how he looks like a doll, etc. But once they see him chasing dogs and shouting in Korean, they whip out their phones or cameras and start snapping pictures!
A lot of other Foreign mothers here have mentioned that this annoys them, but I don't mind. I know that for the most part they are completely innocent and basically treating my son like a celebrity! Now if only I could get him some modelling or commercial gigs!! Then he really WOULD be a celebrity! All hail the awesome power of the incredibly cute and charming Kimchi Kid - Thomas!!
Daddy likes to take Thomas to a local children's cafe when I work Thursday evenings and Thomas gets to run around and play with other children in a safe, clean environment for 2 hours solid! There are slides, ride on toys, balls, balloon rooms, ball pits, trampolines, climbing centers, books, blocks and more! Daddy gets to sit and relax with a free Caramel Macchiato(his drink of choice these days) and Thomas gets to burn off some of his energy! Usually this is the one place that manages to use up that never-ending energy so Daddy is VERY fond of taking Thomas there when he has to watch him for a few hours. Not to mention the helpful staff who ADORE our son and are more than happy to play with him for the whole 2 hours!
When we chose our new apartment 1 month ago, I decided Thomas needed his own play room and I worked hard to set it up. He seems to really enjoy it and I know I can let him play safely in it while I work, cook or clean. Since he is Mr. Never-ending Energy some nights he can be playing in there until 12 or later! Tiring on us, but he does sleep solid through the nights now.
As it stands now we are really trying to channel this energy into a positive outlet like sports. He has already shown some natural talent and interest in kicking balls around on a field. Well, not kicking so much as dribbling the ball down the field. He is quite skillful with the soccer ball! Daddy has promised him he will buy him any sports related equipment he wants and so far he has a basketball hoop and basketball, 2 soccer ball and 1 football. I on the other hand have promised him I will buy him and book he likes, and despite being so energetic, he definitely does like to sit down and quietly read himself a book at least once a day.
So what does his future hold? Athletic scholar? I hope so!

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