Friday, June 26, 2009

Moby Wrap Korea!!

Thomas happily sleeping in the MobyWrap at 3months old.
We are the official distributors of Moby Wrap here in South Korea.
We started using Moby when Thomas was born and have never used any other carrier. We love it! Tom uses it, I use it and our doumi uses it. We've given some as gifts to Korean friends here and they love it as well!
We decided it would be a great business for us to start here with our Korean partners and we have finally gotten our website up and running! We even had our first order already! We were pretty excited but today we got great news!
We will be in the AUGUST COEX BABY FAIR!!!!
This is a HUGE baby fair at the biggest shopping mall/convention center in Seoul. Tens of thousands of mothers pass through this fair in the 4-5 days it runs. It usually has a 6month wait to get a booth in the fair, BUT someone backed out and the organizers decided our product was so new and so unusual that it was PERFECT for the empty space!! So we now need to get all our promotional materials up and running for the big fair in August. This is EXACTLY what we need to get Moby known and get moms interested. We are anticipating HUGE sales off this and it should be the jump start the company needs to be a success!
I've been so busy this week and I have loads more to post but this was the most exciting and important thing to date!


  1. Many congrats! Do you mean the one in September, though? All of the vendors I wanted to meet again said that the bigger one was September, unless the date has been changed. Either way, that is such great news for you guys and for moms in Korea. ^^;;

  2. Congratulations!

    I've blogged:


    and e-mailed Lisa for the natural products/baby products section of her website.

    Is the website going to have an English version for expats? That would be helpful. I know you just launched, though.

    Great news about the Coex Baby Fair Booth as well.