Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Kimchi Kid's amazing vocabulary!

Making the sign for "more".
As many of you may know, my husband Tom is Korean. We made the decision before Thomas was born to raise him bilingually. Tom speaks to Thomas mainly in Korean and I speak mainly in English. However, we have had a doumi ajumma(nanny/housekeeper) since Thomas was 5 days old. As a result, he has begun speaking, but ONLY in Korean so far! He is getting better at communicating by the day, and so far his vocabulary consists of:

Ohma = Mommy
Appa = Daddy
Ahboba = this is used when the doumi wants to carry Thomas on her back
Mama = food or milk
Mool = water or drink as he uses it
Mong Mong = puppy in child-speak, and he is so in love with dogs!

We also tried to teach Thomas some baby signs, but we only managed to keep up with it enough to teach him "more" and "all done".
He does seem to understand when I ask him things in English, but so far he is definitely only speaking Korean!
He also understands a lot of spoken Korean and will react when we ask him or tell him things like where is mommy or daddy, let's go outside, put on your shoes, etc.
Hopefully he will keep on learning new words and try out some English ones soon!

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