Sunday, June 21, 2009

Not a lazy Sunday...

Enjoying his juice on his sofa. He worked hard for it!

Can you see the grapes hanging off the basketball net? It has Velcro on it and he was so impressed by his ability to hang it on the net. He thought it was magic! Kept him busy about 30min!

Those blocks were heavy but he was determined to play with them!

This Sunday I woke up with a killer sore throat. Again. Unfortunately I also had a class scheduled for 10am. I canceled my class and tried to sleep a little longer. Daddy took care of Thomas so I could get a rest.
Thanks Daddy, Happy Fathers Day to you!
Usually when I have throat problems we go to the ENT in the shopping mall and department store next to us. The bad thing about going on a Sunday is that they are crazy, RIDICULOUS busy! We debated going and decided to walk even though it was 29degrees today. When we got there we were all overheated and I felt even worse. Unfortunately the ENT takes a break the 3rd Sunday of the month, which happened to be today. I was not happy and wanted to get home but decided to make a quick detour to the 6th floor of the department store to the children's section. Our friends just had a baby yesterday so I was looking for a gift for their new arrival. I didn't see anything I liked and Thomas started being fussy so I went to the elevator to leave.
Now, I mentioned that this was Sunday and the department store is crazy ridiculous busy right? The 3 elevators are clearly marked with large yellow circles detailing that they are for the use of strollers, shopping carts and wheelchairs. Of the 3 elevators, only 2 stopped on the 6th floor, one stopped only on odd numbered floors. We waited for the first elevator to arrive for almost 5 minutes.
When it did arrive, it was crammed full of people who obviously were capable of taking the escalators!! Girls in heels clinging to their boyfriend's arms as they pout at being squished in the elevator, heavily made up ajummas(older married women) clutching their designer handbags as they elbow and wedge their way in tighter and 1 poor couple squashed in the back with their baby stroller.
Fine. Whatever. I am used to ignorant people ignoring all signs and common courtesy but today, I was hot, sick and tired. I waited for the next elevator which hits every floor, and when it came, an ajumma in full evening dress and one of those simpering young couples PUSHED PAST ME into the elevator. Now at this point I had been waiting 10 minutes for an elevator. They had arrived a few minutes previous and I was obviously waiting. Not to mention the elevator was already full of people who obviously did not have strollers, shopping carts or wheelchairs.
I lost it. I started shouting at the people in the elevator that I had been waiting for 10 minutes, the elevator was for people with strollers first, were they so ignorant and selfish that they could not get off to let me and my child on?
The ajumma was full front and center to my tirade, and she was also overloading the elevator so that the doors would not shut. As I was shouting one woman stepped off with her daughter in response. But not just any woman and daughter. But the mother and student from the class I had canceled that morning due to my sore throat.
At this point I was shaking with rage, hot, and sick and utterly, completely embarrassed that the witness to my very public meltdown was one of the sweetest mothers and daughters that I teach. She hugged me and held my hand and helped to calm me down, and we managed to get on the next elevator. I apologized profusely and she just held my hand and made sure I got to the 1st floor OK. I was so embarrassed that I asked my husband to call her again and apologize in Korean for me.
It only figures that the one and only time I actually do lose it with the rude, selfish and inconsiderate people I often encounter here, there happens to be someone who KNOWS me personally there to witness it! Bah!
After that excitement we returned home. I decided to take a nap to recover from the stress of our outing and Daddy managed to get Thomas to nap with him. Once we woke up Thomas was energetic and excited and delighted to play in his playroom. Best thing we did moving here. I can sit and relax and he amuses himself. Every child needs a playroom, or every parent does! Hahaha...
Anyways, the lazy Sunday we thought we would have for Father's day is long gone. Now we have friends coming over for my famous stuffed mushroom caps and some dinner. This is what my husband loves, socializing with friends, so in a way, this is his Happy Father's Day! Hope everyone will be able to join us for mushroom caps some day soon!!

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  1. awe sarah! im so sorry your sick! its sucks that when you finally freaked out someone you knew saw it in all its glory! haha... thats life! anyways i started my livejournal up we can creep each others blogs..and lives! love you !